Spirit of the Illawarra Plum

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The rare, native Illawarra Plum (Daalgaal) is hand foraged from the coastline. Following in-house fermentation and distillation, the spirit is barrel aged in the presence of the plum skins, amplifying the flavour profile. We are proud to be the world’s first distillery to develop a spirit exclusively from the Illawarra Plum. The result is a distinctive and unique taste of Australia.

Spirit of the Illawarra Plum is a completely dry, barrel aged spirit, Illawarra Plum based, steeped in the pressed fruits. Spirit of the Illawarra Plum is a perfect accompaniment for a dry cocktail or for the more discerning connoisseur who has a palate that is accustomed to strong tannic red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz (Syrah). We love to mix Spirit of the Illawarra Plum with Prosecco and vanilla essence!

Spirit of the Illawarra Plum is now shipping in bottles with a dark blue label and copper coloured font. We will update the product image shortly.

200 mL bottle size. 20% ALC/VOL


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1 review for Spirit of the Illawarra Plum

  1. Peter Mallark

    The moment this hit my lips I knew I’d found something that I was never going to get anywhere else. These guys are the first to use the Illawarra Plum like this and they have done an amazing job. I’ll definitely be making sure I always have one of these bottles on hand for making an Australian Negroni.

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