Liqueur of the Illawarra Plum


Using a different manufacturing process than is used for Spirit of the Illawarra Plum (which is completely dry), Liqueur of the Illawarra Plum is a rich, velvet smooth dessert style drink, similar to a Port or Sherry. Perfect for sipping neat after dinner with dark chocolate or poured over ice cream. Also great for a cocktail mixer or basting food, be as creative as possible!

The rare, native Illawarra Plum (Daalgaal) is hand foraged from along the coastline. Following in-house fermentation and distillation, the spirit is barrel aged on the plum skins, amplifying the flavour profile.

Liqueur of the Illawarra Plum (rich, sweet version) is in the black label bottle with gold font.

Spirit of the Illawarra Plum (completely dry version) is in the dark blue label bottle with copper font.

This first release batch is aged 16 months. 200mL bottle size.

To learn more about the Illawarra Plum, please CLICK HERE!


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