Headlands – Single Malt Whisky – Illawarra Plum Single Cask 46%


World First – Illawarra Plum Cask Whisky

1st Release – Single Cask

Distilled in 2016 and bottled in 2023, this is one of our earliest distilled whiskies and our oldest ever release. It was aged in an American Oak ex-bourbon barrel for 4 years, then transferred to a Spirit of the Illawarra Plum barrel and left to age for a further 3 years. Headlands Distilling Co. fans may remember Spirit of the Illawarra Plum; the now discontinued product which inspired the creation of Liqueur of the Illawarra Plum.

Spirit of the Illawarra Plum was made exclusively from perfectly ripe, rare and hand foraged native Illawarra Plum fruit from the Illawarra region. It was a world first that still hasn’t been replicated. Spirit of the Illawarra Plum was barrel aged with the native fruits inside the barrel for the entire maturation period. The fruit was then pressed to extract the liquid and not sweetened. If you are still lucky enough to have one of these bottles in your collection, we literally can’t think of a more rare drink.


The release of this whisky was planned for many years. We patiently waited (sampling the cask each year) until it was brimming with complexity. It is a whisky which is much greater than the sum of its parts. We can’t wait to share a completely unique Australian native single malt, single cask whisky with you.

Tasting notes include a distinct bush tucker plum character, sugarbag honey, vanilla bean, caramel apple and subtle smoked oak

How to serve:

Experienced whisky connoisseurs can enjoy this single malt whisky neat. We can also recommend adding spring water with a water dropper to unlock hidden levels of plum and other berry/lolly flavours as the ABV drops. This release is also delicious with a single large cube of ice, which dampens the plum tannins, allowing you to appreciate a broader width of flavour.

399 individually handwritten 700ml bottles.

This complex, balanced Australian single malt whisky offers a grain to glass drinking experience, ready to be shared.

700mL bottle size. 46% ALC/VOL 25 standard drinks

$10.73 per 30mL.

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