While the exact history of the martini is unknown, the Australian martini traces its lineage all the way back to 2019, with a release of a gin made exclusively from Australian native juniper, Boobialla.

Coupled with a delicious Australian dry vermouth, the Australian martini is a perfect way to appreciate the subtle flavour of native juniper, which is much less intense that the common juniper, typically from Europe.

The first step is to chill the glass! Since the martini is a very strong cocktail, getting it as cold as possible is an important part of the cocktail. If you have access to a freezer, place the glass in the freezer. If not, fill the martini glass with ice while you mix the other ingredients to chill it.


60 mL Boobialla Australian native gin (2 shots)

15 mL Maidenii Dry Vermouth (1/2 a shot)


Take a large glass ~500 mL

Fill the glass with ice

Pour in the gin and vermouth

Stir gently for 30 seconds

Stirring gets the cocktail really cold, as well as provides necessary dilution.

Take the glass out of the freezer or remove the ice from the glass if you chilled it with ice.

Strain the stirred mixture into martini glass, making sure no ice goes into the glass.


A twisted citrus peel


One or three olives. It must be an odd number of olives! Green olives, not black.



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