Headlands – Boobialla Gin

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Boobialla Gin

Boobialla gin is the only gin in the world crafted exclusively from hand foraged, native Australian juniper. Demonstrating a complex array of floral tones combined with a smooth, luxurious finish, Boobialla offers a sui generis Australian gin drinking experience.


700 mL bottle size. 40% ALC/VOL 22 standard drinks

Boobialla Gin

Boobialla contains the native Australian juniper as hero ingredient. We have paired the native juniper with other rare, Australian native ingredients including scented emu bush, two types of native tamarind, white kunzea, Atherton almond, quandong, Geraldton wax, native currant, lemon aspen and cinnamon myrtle. This combination of unique flavours enhances the background taste complexity for a truly Australian take on gin

Gins available on bottle shop and bar shelves, including those of other Australian distilleries, are all made from imported Macedonian/European juniper berries. This species is juniper communis, common juniper. Boobialla gin is crafted exclusively from myoporum insulare, colloquially known as Australian native juniper. This is a completely different species, unique to Australia, which isn't produced commercially and can be found growing sporadically along the coast. In comparison to imported juniper, Australian juniper has less pine flavour and a more floral flavour profile.

Perfectly ripe and fresh, hand picked Australian native juniper berries - Boobialla.

Boobialla gin has a more delicate flavour than a standard gin made with European common juniper. Since the intensity of the Boobialla flavour is more subtle, it can be overpowered by the addition of too much tonic. This is simply a characteristic of Australian native juniper. To ensure you don't lose the Boobialla flavour, we recommend using slightly less tonic (than you would normally use) when preparing a gin and tonic with Boobialla gin. If the alcohol content feels too high, the best thing to do is top the drink up with soda water rather than additional tonic, since soda has a neutral flavour profile. Alternatively, add more ice and stir.

Can Boobialla be called a gin despite the absence of imported common juniper? The Australian guidelines state that gin must be "predominantly juniper in flavour," and as such, we are producing a product that is in line with this definition. We are proud to share this unique native Australian flavour!

700 mL bottle size. 40% ALC/VOL 22 standard drinks


Silver Medal 2023: San Francisco World Spirits Competition
Silver Medal: 2022 London Spirits Competition
Silver Medal: 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
Bronze Medal: 2023 London Spirits Competition
Bronze Medal: 2023 Bartender Spirits Awards
Bronze Medal: 2020 London Spirits Competition
Bronze Medal: 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

6 reviews for Headlands – Boobialla Gin

  1. Alice Cunningham

    My daughter got me this for my birthday and it definitely hits the spot. Number 62 on my 62nd birthday was the cherry on top 🙂

  2. Mick

    Special, strange, unique, delicious flavour. Great to be drinking something that is purely from Australia

  3. Rebecca Sully

    This is my all time favourite gin, such a special, unique flavour. I’m not really a huge fan of coriander and regular gin is packed with coriander, so this one for me is absolutely perfect.

  4. David Steel (verified owner)

    I have never tried gin before but this gin was delicious!! 50/50 mix with tonic water,very nice Fully recommend and will be reordering more. Happy to support high quality local businesses using local ingredients.

    • Headlands Distilling Co.

      Thank you so much David!!!

  5. Joel Wilson (verified owner)

    I got a bottle for my partner and I because when you’re in lockdown you want to make some nice fancy bevies. Boobialla did not disappoint. Not the normal dry Gin, but fresh and delicious. A dash of fresh rosemary form the garden and some tonic water did it for me.

  6. Andrew

    This product was recommended by my local bottle shopped wow was I impressed! After drinking Hendriks, Bombay Sapphire, Tanqueray, Gordons etc etc, I am converted! What great local brew! Buy Australian.

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