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Seacliff Vodka by Headlands Distilling Co. is a testament to passion and perseverance

The careful integration of modern technology with traditional distillation exemplifies Headlands' approach to vodka craftsmanship. Every step of the process is carried out in house, from milling the grain to fermentation and distillation, enabling complete oversight and quality control. Seacliff Vodka is made from locally grown barley, with the origins  completely traceable from the sowing of the seed through to bottling of the vodka.  The result is an award winning vodka that is eloquently smooth and ready to be shared.

Grain to glass

The fermentation is carried out cold, in a similar style to a lager beer. This process takes much longer than traditional vodka fermentation but results in a superior taste.

Created with 100% renewable energy once we receive the raw grain.

20% of profits are given to SpinalCure to support the research cause of co-founder Dean Martelozzo.

$5 off vodka refills when the empty vodka bottle is brought back to the distillery as a way to encourage sustainability.

Created with passion – Enjoyed with friends

700 mL bottle size. 22 standard drinks.


11 reviews for Seacliff Vodka

  1. Charles

    It’s a no brainer when the local boys are making a drink this good. Thanks for a tour of the distillery!

  2. Scott M

    This vodka would have to be the finest tasting Ive ever had. Out strips all the major brands. Well done boys for your finest of skills.

  3. Rankine Meyers

    Best vodka I’ve ever had. No need for a mixer. Goes straight down the hatch without any of the solvent flavours that every other vodka seems to have. These guys have nailed the distillation. Nothing but purity in a bottle

  4. Brad Robinson

    Hands down the smoothest vodka I have ever tasted

  5. Tony

    Isolation is actually enjoyable with a Seacliff on the rocks in the afternoon!

  6. Adam Walo (verified owner)

    Sensationally smooth vodka. A delight any way.

  7. Teepo Niitymies

    Smoothest and most pristine vodka I’ve ever tasted. No burn.

  8. Rebecca Sully

    Hint of sweetness right at the end, very smooth, delicious neat!

  9. Dennis

    My youngest daughter & son in law bought me a bottle of this, I think it is a great drink, on ice, YUM!!!, I am not usually a vodka drinker, but this one is on another level,
    Thanks Seacliff Vodka people, fine indeed👍
    Dennis 🍸

  10. Melinda Srna

    Wow! This is so smooth. My friend bought me a bottle for my birthday and I can’t say I’ve ever had any vodka as good as this. Can’t wait to drop in and see how its made.

  11. David Steel (verified owner)

    This vodka is so smooth with a slight sweet after taste!
    Delicious straight..no need for mixers.Keep up the great work.
    Those people new to vodka…give this a go.You won’t be disappointed!

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